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The future of music learning is almost here. Concept by Akshat Srivastava.

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Music is the universal language of mankind.

Presenting edClef.

Since ages, it has been universally believed that if there’s one thing you must learn in your lifetime, it’s music. However, the way many people have been attempting to learn music over the last few years has made it a mundane, bland exercise - memorizing the notes of a few popular songs and tunes and mechanically playing them out in the name of practice or performance. Ask yourself, in such a scenario, does it really remain music? (hint: no)

edClef is an Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) portal concept by Akshat Srivastava with the vision to redefine the way music is learnt. I believe that by making music-initiation free and accessible to all, through the internet, we can usher in the next generation of serious music learning. Instead of hiring expensive tutors to teach, in the unimaginative fashion that has become a characteristic feature of the music learning ’trade’, anyone with access to the internet would be able to get a good music education, complete with lessons, tests and assignments.

Here’s how it works.

Innovation at its best.

Through a combination of exploring instruments virtually, learning performance techniques and basic music theory, students can get started with the instruments like the piano with great ease. The service will feature highly interactive lessons in the form of videos and HTML5 animations, and will be followed by assignments (both written and practical) on the completion of each lesson. The assignments would range from playing a defined set of notes to composing a song. We have an innovative way of grading these assignments, a judicious mix of evaluations by peers and public, with cross-verification by the experts. Based on these assignments and tests, personalized graphs will be generated for every student, showing their accuracy and slope of their learning curve.

Virtual instruments, or P-ano.

To help you try and then buy.

The most beautiful aspect of edClef is the use of virtual instruments to teach and test students who cannot afford invest $2000 in an instrument just to try it out, or those who’re not yet sure if they’re passionate about music or not. Anyone with access to the internet will be able to access these instruments and learn them using the courses edClef offers.

This virtual keyboard was released as a separate PoC app in 2012, and it got over a 100,000 users in its first year. Currently, it has more than 50,000 weekly active users on the Chrome Web Store!

Here’s a demo:

It supports multi-key input from the keyboard (to play chords) and swipe gestures through the mouse.

Completely free & open source.

Because sometimes the best things in life are actually free.

Following this maxim, this music-initiation service will also be completely free. Instead of having to pay for instruments and real-life tuitions (above $2,000 for a piano and at least $50 per class) just to get started, music enthusiasts can realize their musical aspirations through edClef, which will provide an amazing way for them to kickstart the teaching-learning process without the need of any initial financial investment. Plus, it’s completely open source!

Coming soon to an app store near you.

edClef will be available for desktops (on the browser) and all major mobile app markets.

Come, let’s compose history.

To make this futuristic dream a reality, I need your help.

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